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Material Take-offs & Cost Estimation

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals have spent years in building estimates which are aligned with the company vision, both present and future. Bids Estimation Inc. is a leading company, specializes in preparing construction cost estimates for all design phases and for all construction projects including those with highest level of complexity.

Following the guidelines set forth by American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE), we prepare costs estimates, which are reliable, detailed, accurate and demonstrate a thorough proof of concept. From the early conceptual stage of design through developing construction documents, we provide detailed estimates in a fast turnaround time and at very competitive fee. Using the latest technology, we perform digital material take-offs, customizable to the way your company estimates.

Our experts work in close association with the analytics and quality assurance division to keep track of clients inquires, respond to their problems and improve the data provided to meet client’s requirements as they evolve.

Our Process

1. Initial Evaluation of Plans

Once the required data is received, which includes plans and the scope of work; we start with preliminary assessment of provided documents and evaluate the plans in detail.

2. Quotation

After fully understanding the project and analyzing the basic need of the client, we send quotation and (if required) related project samples.

3. Advance payment

Client once review and accept our quotation,  an invoice is raised against 50% of the total fee as advance payment, (this percentage is flexible for our permanent clients). We officially start our work process after receiving the advance payment.

4. Quantity Take-off and Cost Estimation

With the provided drawings, detailed and digital quantity take-off is performed. Using standards and reliable resources, we provide most probable cost estimates for material, equipment and labor, considering additional cost adjustments for specific project conditions.

5. Review for Quality Assurance

For quality control purposes and to ensure adopted procedures and techniques, our procedures and reports get reviewed by our experts before final submission to the client.


Now, this is for free, just try it yourself and you would enjoy it.

Just enter the required data and you will receive the material take-offs list instantly. It would provide you material take-off list of following items:

i) Partition studs (ea), ii) Drywall sheets (ea), iii) Mud Compound (gallons), iv) Drywall tape (rolls) v) Nailing (packs) vi) Flooring (sq. ft), vi) Wall base (lf) vii) Paint (gallons)

The above service would surely help you but works for a very small domain and for a few trades only. Should you need material take-offs and cost estimates for your full project, covering all the construction trades, please upload your plans here.

Free Trial

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Won’t you like it, if we provide you a free service, so you get to know us better. 

If you are new here and want to check the quality of our work, before engaging us officially, you can try it here. Just provide us with your plans and scope of work and get the partial estimates done. Please note that this offer is valid for first time only and is based on our one hour of free work for the required services, it may or may not include full order depending upon the nature of the project and scope of work.

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We welcome you as our new client, enjoy 20% discount on your first order. Please note that this discount is not valid for those who have used our free trial offer.