How we work

Our Adopted Methods to Prepare Estimates

Depending upon the client’s requirements, we calculate estimates in one of the following methods:

1- Labor rate per hour and labour productivity.
2- Separate Unit labour and unit material cost.
3- Single unit cost for material and labour.

Template A

In this method, Total Labor Cost is computed on the basis of labor hourly rate, productivity and quantity of work to be completed.

  1. Productivity rate is expressed as number of labor hours per unit of work. This productivity rate is also used to determine labor hourly rate.
  2. Considering a realistic value for labor hourly rate and multiplying it with total labor hours, total labor cost is calculated.
  3. This total labor cost is then added with total material cost to compute total cost of the item.
It shall be noted that labor hourly rate can vary for different trades. This template also allows our clients to adjust the labor hourly rate and unit labor hours, if needed

Template B

In this method, a realistic value for unit labor cost (average cost of labor per unit of output produced) is considered for computations.
  1. This unit labor cost and total quantities, in given units, of items described is used to calculate total labor cost.
  2. Total labor cost is then added with total material cost to compute total cost of the item.

It shall be noted that unit labor cost can vary for each item and the value of unit labor cost can be adjusted by the client, if required.

Template C

In this method, a particular value for unit cost is considered, which includes both labor and material.

This unit cost is then multiplied with calculated quantities to compute total cost of the item.

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They provide spot-on estimates with professionalism and great thoroughness.
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